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The Westpac Museum traces the history of banking from as early as Australia's colonisation in 1788, to current day banking and finance trends. Westpac is a major bank in Australia today and in 1817 it started as the Bank of NSW.

Over time technology has greatly influenced the way we do business, and produce and exchange money. The museum features old coins, notes and finance systems, and also current trends including electronic banking and plastic cards. The layout of the museum easily allows visitors to visually track the changes, and even walk through full size displays of old banks featuring furniture and equipment from the time.

Although computers are still progressing and changing the way we bank fast, the museum shows the early computers, and how they were used in banking procedures. Viewing the exhibitions, will bring back memories easily, and you will soon realise how banking has changed, even over the last ten years.

Banking is also reflective of society, the good and bad financial times, and our love for gadgets and convenience. As international travel becomes more accessible, the need for fast transfers and diverse finance options increases. The Westpac Museum is not just about coins and currency, but a way of life that has evolved from that of an early colony, to a large and bustling country. The Museum will help anyone, whether you are directly interested in banking or not, to learn more about who Australians are, and where they have come from.

The Westpac Museum is located near George Street in the central business district of Sydney. It is easily accessed by train, bus and monorail, and is in walking distance from many other museums and attractions which can further extend your knowledge of Sydney and Australia.


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