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Westfield Centrepoint Shopping Centre

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The best part of Westfield Parramatta is that it has everything you need, in a large shopping centre, in a convenient location if you live or work in the western suburbs of Sydney. Very few international visitors, realise how big the city actually is in geographical size. Although Sydney is small on the scale of world cities, the landmass it takes up is considerably large.

Most of the tourist attractions are focused around the city or the beaches, but the western suburbs of Sydney take up much more space and are primarily filled with residential and industrial properties. For so many people to live in this area, a major shopping centre like Westfield Parramatta needs to impress. Locals want to know they can take a short drive, find great parking and fulfil all their retail needs in just one location. Westfield Parramatta does just this.

You can find all the major grocery stores, department stores and retail chains within Westfield Parramatta. Fashion conscious individuals will find all the popular brands including men's clothes, children's' clothes and the latest in accessories. Regular promotions will help you learn about the new season's fashions, and a range of options are available if you need to select a gift for someone special. If you need choice, and assistance making purchases, Westfield Parramatta can help you tick off your shopping list.

The food court offers you a range of options and various cultural cuisines in line with traditional expectations from Australian shopping centres. Entertainment options exist for all members of the family and include activities for young children and movie cinemas. You will also find many young people are attracted to this location, to catch up with friends and hang out in a safe and public environment. If you need a major shopping centre in western Sydney, Westfield Parramatta has it all.


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