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Westfield Centrepoint Shopping Centre

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Westfield Centrepoint Shopping Centre isn't the kind of retail outlet you'd visit on its own. Very few would travel to the city specifically for this centre, however if you are shopping in Sydney's central business district, it is difficult not to find yourself wandering inside.

Westfield Centrepoint is located between Hyde Park and George Street in the city of Sydney, and the most popular entrance would be off Pitt Street Mall, a major outdoor retail area showcasing the latest in mainstream fashions. Westfield Centrepoint offers a small selection of unique stores, selling everything from clothes to sporting goods, and features a popular food court.

Wander through Westfield Centrepoint and you'll realise how many tiny shops have been squeezed into such a small space. This really is inner-city retail, because the public areas are narrow, and the escalators winding, like a tall spiral a dark building. This is not surprising, as the shopping area forms the base for the very tall and prolific Centrepoint tower, which is a major tourist attraction for Sydney and is well-known abroad.

If you have one day in Sydney, make sure you take the opportunity to visit the top of Centrepoint Tower. You can shop in the retail section below, and then take the exclusive elevators to the well-established viewing platform. You will need to pay a substantial fee to access this attraction, but the view cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Centrepoint Tower provides an unobstructed view 360 degrees around the city of Sydney, and no other view can provide you with as much perspective and understanding of the city you are in. You can view amazing beaches, the stunning harbour and even a glimpse out to Sydney Olympic park. While you are there, grab afternoon tea at a great height, and descend the tower again, to the shopping centre below.


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