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Vaucluse House

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Vaucluse House was built by Sir Henry Brown Hayes, who was transported to Australia during 1802 after he kidnapped the daughter of a wealthy banker.

Vaucluse House

He was allowed to purchase land and develop a house on the site, as the Governor at the time did not approve of his character and felt it would be in the city's best interests if he was located far away from it. Ironically, the house that Sir Hayes built and the suburb that was named after it is now a highly desirable and affluent suburb, and thought to be very convenient and accessible from the city centre.

The name Sir Hayes gave his residence was inspired by a poem by the renowned 14th century poet Petrarch. Sir Hayes was a fan of the poet, and named the house after Petrarch's Fontaine de Vaucluse , which is also a popular spring in South of France. The suburb Vaucluse was then named after this beautiful and historic residence, which was considered a modest residence for a highly born man at the time it was built. The surrounding area was used to create a small farm with an orchid and livestock. Stables were constructed, as were several smaller buildings, separate from the main building.

Today it is a museum that is open to the public and much loved by local residents. Many of the house's original fittings can still be seen, as the property has been well looked after. It is open Friday to Sunday and charges a small admission fee. Address: Wentworth Road, Vaucluse, NSW, 2030.



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