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The rail network is extensive and is operated by CityRail. The central area is served by double-decker electric trains which pass through the city and terminate in various suburbs, or run round the underground city loop and return to their origins. Longer, medium-distance services start in Sydney Central station and make only limited stops in the suburbs.

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The suburban services are divided into areas for which weekly passes can be purchased at reasonable prices. Passes include the use of all buses and ferries within that area along with the trains, and are good value.

Depending on how far you plan to venture out of the CBD, various types of passes are available, the cheapest will get you around the CBD, and the more expensive ones take you farther afield. One of the larger area passes is known as the green travel pass.This pass probably offers the best value in Sydney, since it includes all ferry routes and a wide enough rail and bus area to get you to the most likely destinations.

There are also off-peak return ticket discounts after 9.00am which can take you further out to the suburbs quite cheaply. Such tickets are available at any time at weekends.


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