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The Sydney Tower has the tallest observation deck in the southern hemisphere. The tower itself stands 305 metres. It took fourteen years to build, the observation deck being opened in August 1981. The turret weighs 2,259 tonnes and is held by 56 cables, each weighing seven tonnes. It includes a tank holding 162,000 litres of water to act as a counterbalance to strong winds. Views from here extend to the Pacific Ocean in the east, Wollongong in the south and the Blue Mountains in the west.

There are two revolving restaurants. Down below, there is a complex of 140 shops. Guided tours are included in the admission price. The ticket includes OzTrek a virtual reality trip across Australia with motion seating. 100 Market Street. Take the train to St. James or Sydney Explorer, Stop 4 or 15. (02 9333 9222).

Sydney Tower Skywalk
Skywalk is an adventure on Sydney Tower. At double the height of Sydney Harbour Bridge will provide an adrenaline rush as you walk around the roof of Sydney Tower. Skywalk traverses two walkways and two viewing platforms. Skywalk can be done by day, by dusk or by night. Sydney Tower, Centrepoint Podium Level, 100 Market street (02 9333 9200).

Great Australian Exhibition
A new attraction is Skytour's Great Australian Exhibition that takes you on a virtual tour through the landscapes of Australia. Making full use of technology, the ride has high speed acceleration, free falling and hurtles around Australia in 40 minutes. Entertainment level at AMP Tower Centrepoint, 100 Market Street. (9223 0933)


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