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A ride on a water taxi in Sydney is a unique experience. A water taxi works much the same way as an ordinary taxi does, with one major difference: you are traveling across the water instead of in a car on the road. The geographical layout of Sydney means that sometimes it is just easier to get where you want to be go via water rather than land.

Sydney Water Taxis

Some water taxis operate the same way a bus would; it takes a set route with several stops along the way and will take a group of passengers. You can also charter a water taxi for a set period of time or to reach a set destination.

People will often use a water taxi for a special occasion. You can hire out a water taxi to take a private cruise around Sydney Harbour, which is a great way to experience the harbour and take in its sites. While there are several water taxi operators in Sydney, it is safest to book if you're planning something special.

The water taxi rank is located at Circular Quay.

Water taxis buzz around the harbour and a quick way to travel. The water taxi rank is at Circular Quay or they will pick you up like a convential taxi by calling 9299 0199, 9955 3222 or 9555 1155.


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