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Sydney opera house
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Many consider the Opera House one of the wonders of the modern world, and it’s easy to see why.   It’s situated on the spectacular Sydney Harbour, and the towering shells of its roof line seem about to set sail in the gentle breezes blowing around the Harbour.   The shells are arranged from small to big to reflect the uses of the internal space, from the lowest entrance areas to the sweeping heights of the stage towers. 

The Opera House in Sydney took fourteen years to build, and cost a mere $102 million.   By today’s standards, that’s not bad, considering the size of the project.   Originally in 1959, when they started to build it, they estimated it would cost $7 million and would be completed by 1963.   A few setbacks later, it was complete, and has become an icon of Australian culture ever since. 

The Opera House in Sydney is supported on concrete piers set into the Sydney Harbour.   Some of these piers are sunk 25 meters below sea level (that’s 80 feet, for American math).   We probably woull not be lucky enough to climb to the top of the highest stage tower, which seems to sway out into space a mile up.   There are backstage tours available, though, which will give us a glimpse into the workings of opera stage companies and orchestras.   

There’s a photo opportunity around every corner there.   Sometimes there are outdoor performances on the boardwalk with the sweeping rooflines as a backdrop.   Lit up at night, the Opera House is an awe-inspiring experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere.   I’m hoping we can be in Sydney, Australia some time when they have fireworks at the Opera House. 

The Opera House has all the latest and greatest arts performances available in the bustling city of Sydney.  The Australian Ballet, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Ensemble Theatre, the Bell Shakespeare Company, and a dozen others all call its graceful halls and stages home.   Performances are going on all the time, so when I bring my family to Sydney, Australia, we’re sure to find something truly awesome to see at the Sydney Opera House.

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