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Nepalese restaurants can be found all over the city of Sydney, and although this may not be a popular cuisine, the restaurants that do serve dishes from Nepal have a strong local following. Many travellers who have returned from Nepal crave the local food they found over there, and also many food lovers in Sydney are introduced to Nepalese food here, simply because they’ve tried everything else and they are looking for something new.
Nepalese food is similar to Indian food, without the heavy flavours and spices. The dishes still include lentils and rice, however the spices and other ingredients are much milder. You will find that some of the restaurants that serve Nepalese food in Sydney, also serve other cultural dishes from neighbouring countries, or create their own contemporary versions of traditional recipes.
There are two Himalayan Char Grill restaurants in Sydney, both serving Nepalese cuisine. A larger venue is located at Shop 18, 103 Willoughby Road, in the north shore suburb of Crows Nest. This area is surrounded by other restaurants, bars and cafes, and the district has a good reputation for quality food and entertainment.
The second Himalayan Char Grill restaurant is smaller and more intimate. It is located at 41 Glebe Point Road, in Glebe. Both are easily accessible from the city area, are close to public transport, and are conveniently located for an evening out in the city, or a stop for meal on the way home from work. Also visit, Leichhardt Nepalese Restaurant at 131 Marion Street, Leichhardt.


Himalayan Masala
137 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst (02 9357 2296)








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