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If you are looking for something different in Sydney and are ready to try a new style of restaurant, consider eating out at a Laotian Restaurant. Laos is a South-East Asian country that is located between Vietnam and Thailand. Other nearby countries include Burma, India, China and Cambodia. While many Australians enjoy an affordable holiday to this region of the world, Laos is one of the more relaxing countries in the region. The food is influenced by the surrounding countries, but is less distinct and modern Laos is inclusive of many European-style dining establishments.
The history of Laos includes French influences, and despite being in Asia, you can easily find a great coffee and some tasty baked treats here. Therefore, if you are choosing to dine on the Laotian cuisine in Sydney, expect anything! Often the restaurants include dishes from the neighbouring South-East Asian countries, and you may find that Thai food, which is popular in Sydney, features heavily on the menu.
On Cabramatta’s Vietnamese strip, is Kaysone Sweets, located at Shop 4, 53 Park Rd, Cabramatta. Treat yourself to a variety of cultural snacks and sweets and wander up and down the strip to find other locations to tempt you.
Lao Village is one of the Laotian offerings in Fairfield, located at 1-3 Anzac Avenue. This simple restaurant is minimal in atmosphere but the menu is sure to impress. Also check out, Moradok Lao Restaurant at 24 Court Road, in Fairfield.


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