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I am so lucky to have a friend who lives in Sydney, Australia, and she is always telling me about all the places we will visit together when I bring my family to Australia.   She goes to the Sydney Harbour with her extended family to holiday almost every spring. They have a favourites picnic spot picked out from so many seasons spent in this fun and beautiful place, tucked away from the main crowds and surrounded by sparkling sand. 

Sydney harbour
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Mary says that when my family comes to Australia to visit, the Sydney Harbour is the place to see every kind of sailing boat imaginable, from wind-driven sailboats with tall, colorful sails, to cruise boats and the ferries. It is more than a day’s entertainment when there are sailing races going on,and the competition can become quite fierce. 

The Circular Quay is the center of Sydney Harbour. It is a jumping-off point for all attractions in the area.The towering high-rise business district looks down on the ferries going to and from the Harbour area, and quiet pathways lead to the Opera House and Royal Botanical Gardens. 

Sydney Harbour encloses 54 square kilometers of water, which translates for Americans to be more than 20 square miles of beautiful water. Inland, the city of Sydney teems with life, but there are also protected “bushlands” surrounding the Sydney Harbour in the Sydney Harbour National Park. Trails wind through the park where you can see all kinds of local plants and wildlife. My friend tells me I might spy a long-nosed bandicoot, if I look carefully enough. 

The Sydney Harbour Bridge provides a spectacular view at the top of the Pylon Tower. The city skyline is spread out in all directions, and from that vantage point a person can pick out many other places to visit in Sydney: the Opera House, the Rocks, and Darling Harbour to name a few. 

The city of Sydney offers many transportation options for visitors, if you’re not lucky enough to have your own personal tour guide like we do. The buses and monorail are incredibly easy to use and extremely inexpensive. There are also “hop on, hop off” sightseeing buses running to all the most popular spots all over Sydney, including the Harbour area and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Sydney Tower is the highest man-made structure in Australia. If our stomachs can take it, we’ll eat lunch in the revolving restaurant.   Well, maybe we’ll just stick to the observation tower to catch our views of Sydney


Penned by V.Mellema:


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