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Sydney Flower Markets

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The Sydney Flower Markets say it all in the name. They offer a range of common and also rare flower options. If you are looking for decorations for a wedding, birthday, or other special event, the Sydney Flower Markets are an easy and affordable way to pick up some fresh flowers.

The Sydney Flower Markets

If you are looking for an original gift, and are bored with the variety and expense of your local florist, you may find it here. Expect to see a few other products here too, including fresh produce, plants and decorative items. While you are here, check out the other markets on offer in this venue.

You can visit the Sydney Flower Markets between Monday to Saturday, 5am -11am, but for the best rewards, visit very early in the morning. This goes for all of the Sydney Markets. Public transport is an option, but if you are planning on carrying produce, and need to access the markets at that time in the morning, it would be better to travel via your own car and use the parking stations that are available. Address: Building F, Sydney Markets, 250-318 Parramatta Road, NSW, 2129.

The Sydney Flower Markets


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