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One of the things I love about Sydney is its lifestyle on the water. And the favourite thing I like to do is ride the ferry from Circular Quay. The way Sydney looks from the water is stunning.


You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner at sea and relax, watch the world go by. Ferries have their main terminal at Circular Quay wharves, between the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Leaving the wharf is absolutely spectacular. You see the Opera House from a completely different perspective with its sails catching the wind. And the experience of going under the Harbour Bridge is breathtaking. Huge steel girders loom above you with hundreds of cars and trucks zooming their way across it. It makes you feel very small in relation to the size of the bridge.


Did you know that many Sydneysiders take the ferry to work rather than spend time in traffic trying to get to work? Imagine. Catching the ferry you sit and relax, enjoy the water views and smells, read the paper without the hassle of travelling by road, train or bus. I do this as a tourist in Sydney and it is the most enjoyable way to travel to many parts of the city and suburbs.


If I can get a ferry somewhere I always choose that option over a bus or a train.


Penned by Gringo:


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