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Sydney is one of the oldest cities in Australia and nestled amongst the skyscrapers and new building that a strong economy built, are buildings that remind us all of Sydney history. One of the buildings that brings up these memories is the St James Anglican Church, the oldest church in the city.


The church is across the road from Hyde Park so from the park you can just imagine what the church was like before the world built up around it. Inside the church I was awestruck by the decorative windows and walls. This church was built when working men and women had real pride in their creations.


The tour didn’t last long but it was packed with information. I find the more I know about a place the more I appreciate it, and this stands true with St James Anglican Church.


One thing that must be remembered is that St James Anglican Church is not a tourist attraction, and it is important to show respect. It is still a place of worship and the Choir of St James is something to catch if you can. The choir sings every Sunday morning during the service, but they also do a special performance on the last Sunday of every month.



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