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Balkan restaurants in Sydney can offer you a range of unique Mediterranean influenced flavours. This cuisine includes the culinary traditions of Abania, Bosnia, Greece, Macedonia and Turkey. These countries and their internal regions are very diverse, so if you dine at a Balkan restaurant in Sydney expect a diverse menu that features key dishes, and also some new modern creations that have been inspired by the flavours of these areas.
In Newtown, an inner-west suburb of Sydney, the Europe Grill provides you with a home away from home, featuring authentic Balkan foods. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and also features a corner store to buy Balkan-style ingredients to create your own meals at home. You can visit the Europe Grill at 506 King Street, Newtown.
While you’re still in the same suburb, you also have the option of Pastizzi, a tiny and intimate café which is located at 523 King Street, Newtown. This family-style business offers tasty and authentic Balkan and Maltese foods, for a reasonable price.
You can also take a stroll down King Street, and check out the many other cafes and restaurants that offer culinary cuisines from around the world. You’ll have pubs and cocktail bars, and retail stores open until late at night, if you are ready to go out afterwards. You will find old bookshops and antique stores to explore, and if you are looking for a gift, there are many unusual shops that will provide you with something unique and special.


Balkan Continental
209 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst (02 9360 4970).








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