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Susannah Place

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Susannah Place is a block of four terrace houses, built in 1894, located in Sydney's Rocks area. The Rocks is a historic suburb of Sydney, and includes a variety of old buildings and establishments, including pubs, retail shops, and other residential houses. The Rocks is best known for its position, under the south side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the exclusive water views are profound. Especially today, The Rocks is an impressive location to either live or work as it exists in the heart of the city, but the restored village still maintains an intimate and historic feel.

Edward Riley and his wife Mary arrived in Sydney in 1838is immigrants from London, and these houses were probably built for them. Very little is known about this family, and the majority of facts known about them are questionable as they have been passed down verbally throughout the generations. An interesting observation, about this family, is that while they were both religious and literate, they did not arrive with a considerable fortune to their name. It is intriguing that in such a short space of time, Edward Riley could have raised the funds for not one, but four terrace houses in such a prime location. No written evidence is available to provide answers for this impressive but unusual economic progression in hard times.

Over the years Susannah Place has primarily been used for residential purposes. Edward and Mary Riley lived in No. 62, and the others were leased. One was used as a lodging house for a period of time, and No. 64 was built to include a small grocery store which traded for many years. Although some records list the names of the tenants who resided in Susannah Place, just like the history of the Riley family, many facts about this location remain a mystery. You can visit the museum which exists in the terrace houses today, by catching a bus to The Rocks, or walking from Wynyard train station.



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