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Soccer is not as popular in Sydney, as it is in other countries around the world, and does compete for attention with football codes, including Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Aussie Rules. Many Australians follow all of these sports, as Australia as a whole is a very committed and patriotic nation.

One of the reasons Australians love sport, is that the country is large with beautiful surroundings and great weather. Young people grow up playing sport, at school and in the community, and soccer is one of the more popular options. Most towns have some kind of playing field, or in many cases, multiple playing fields, that can be adapted to cater for a variety of different ball sports.

You can easily join in a local soccer team, and play for fun or casual competition, if you are living or residing in Sydney for an extended time. If you are just here for a quick visit, and love soccer and sport, you can easily go to watch local teams play, or attend one of the more major soccer sporting events.

Soccer has been popular in Australia, since the 1970’s, however it has only existed in its current form, after a major organisational restructure, in 2005. The governing body for rules, regulations and major competitions of soccer in Australia, is The National Soccer League (NSL).

If you are planning on participating in or following soccer while you are in Sydney, the NSL will be able to provide you with the latest news of the game, including tickets, teams and venues. Consideration needs to be given for your location of accommodation, if you are staying in Sydney for a game. Check out your transport options and ensure you stay near the venue, as it is a big city that takes time to get around.



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