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Rugby Union is one of the more popular sports that are played in Sydney. Football is a massive part of Australian culture, and several codes of the sport are played and followed within the country. Socially, Rugby Union is considered a more refined or sophisticated alternative to Rugby League, however many Australians follow Rugby Union, Rugby League, and also Aussie Rules.

Rugby Union was first introduced to Australians in the late 1800’s, and in the late 1980’s, The Australian Rugby Football Union was established, which is also known as the ARF. The professional players who make up the major teams in the sport, belong to the ARF. On a national level, the men’s team is named the Wallabies, and in the state of New South Wales, the key team is The Warratahs.

If you are visiting Sydney and want to get involved or watch games of Rugby Union, stay updated with the news, games and player information, as provided by the ARF. You can go to watch small local games free of charge and these are held within most communities on the weekend. The major competitions can be an affordable and spirited way, to get involved in Australian culture, and watch a game of professional football. Even if you’ve never seen football before, you will enjoy the enthusiasm of the crowd, and the energetic atmosphere.

If you are travelling to Sydney specifically for football, check out the various travel deals and packages available on nearby accommodation. Get to know the Sydney area, and what different suburbs can offer you. Consider staying somewhere that allows easy transport to and from the game, and also allows you to get out and socialise at bars and clubs, before or after you go there.



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