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Australians love football, and Rugby League in Sydney is one of the most popular sports in the city. If you are visiting this city for a longer stay, you can easily join in one of the local clubs and play yourself, even if you haven’t had much experience. If you are keen to learn the rules, and just give it a go, you’ll find that many Sydney locals enjoy going to the park or oval with their friends, kicking a ball around, and setting up their own game.

Sydney residents are also passionate about professional football, and in Rugby League the top professional players make up the National Rugby League, which is also called the NRL. If you are keen to purchase tickets, and watch a game yourself, you will be surrounded by thousands of others and a patriotic environment. You’ll soon learn how important sport is to Australians by going to watch one of the local or international games in Sydney.

Rugby League has been played in Australia since the early 1900’s, however the NRL has only existed in its current form since the 1990’s. The competition, that the NRL provides is extremely popular and Sydney residents, and Australians as a whole are passionate about and loyal to their respective teams.

Some of the more popular teams, that play as part of the NRL in Sydney include, The Roosters, The Rabbitohs, The Bulldogs, The Dragons, and the Sharks. Each of these are located within different suburbs or geographical regions of Sydney, and the team a person follows is often dictated by their own area of residence, or the area they grew up in. Rugby League in Sydney is played in the cooler months, and competition ends each year with the NRL grand final.



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