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Rouse Hill Estate

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Rouse Hill is an area of Sydney which was named after Richard Rouse, who built his house Rouse Hill House there in 1813. Rouse and his wife Elizabeth received a government grant of land, at 1200 acres, built their Georgian style residence on a ridge facing the road, and the area around the house was turned into farmland.

Since it was first built, Rouse Hill House has been passed down generations within the Rouse family, and underwent various additions and renovations along the way, including architecturally designed stables. The occupants were very social, part of Sydney's elite and the house was designed to cater for gatherings, indoor and out. Their garden was well-kept and is Australia's oldest surviving colonial style garden.

The main concern with historic buildings such as Rouse Hill House is that as a city develops around them, they are not always preserved as they need to be. With various economic climates, owners do not always have the funds to maintain and restore old properties, and this results in all or some of the building falling down. Rouse Hill House is no different, and although it has survived over the years, it is currently in a frail condition, and has not had the full restoration it would require to be a stable and functional building.

In 1999 Rouse Hill House was opened to the public, and visitors can view this historic mansion today, however due to its frail conditions, the building can only manage small tour groups, and is not set up for large groups and functions. Rouse Hill as a suburb is located 42km North West of Sydney City and can be reached by bus public transport or private car.



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