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Rose Seidler House

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Rose Seidler House is located in the Northern Sydney suburb of Wahroonga. This historic building demonstrates how architectural trends developed over time, and the design at the time of its 1949 construction was unique and progressive. It features a flat box like shape, natural textures, wide windows and a minimalist colour scheme.

The Bauhaus-styled home is an impressive example of mid-century-modern domestic architecture and showcases the talents of its architect Harry Seidler, whotravelled to Sydney from New York to build the house for his parents Rose and Max. Seidler created an international name for himself and was later commissioned to complete other design projects in Australia.

Seidler was inspired by the Australian countryside and the unique qualities of Australian living. Aspects he considered in the design included the local climate and the need to capture the impressive natural bush views. As a result he designed a house that featured open plan living, large windows and storage options that were built into the house itself.

Seidlerwithout a doubt, set a trend for architecture in Australia and has influenced many other designers and popular housing choices today. His vision is also important in understanding the difference between England and Australia as locations, and how long it took Australia to start developing its own identity as a nation.

If you are enthusiastic about the history of Australian architecture, visiting the Rose Seidler House is a must. It is provides a unique and valuable perspective on modern Australian life, and how families live and function while at home. It is obvious how this architecture has influenced contemporary design companies. In 1991, Rose Seidler House was opened to the public as a museum. It is currently managed and cared for by The Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales.



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