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Ride a Horse in Sydney

You're about to take a holiday or be far away from your home for a reasonable period, say, a month or more. What's the one thing you're likely to miss most? Everyone is different but let's say you own a horse and ride it whenever you can back home. Suddenly being far from home will almost certainly mean being separated from your equine pal. But all is not lost if you land in Sydney.

And what if you land in a new city and are keen to take up a new hobby. Let's say you'd love to learn to ride a horse. You don't have one and you live right in the heart of Sydney or pretty close thereto; again, no problem at all because the solution to these problems or situations is the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre.

The best location
Centennial Park, of which Centennial Parklands is a part, is a huge green belt only some 4kms from the heart of Sydney. Apart from being a great place to stroll and picnic, it's also the venue for wonderful activities and entertainments and is where this superb equestrian centre is located.

So you can keep up your in-the-saddle experiences or even learn to ride. And if you need to live in Sydney and don't want to leave your horse on your farm or wherever you house it out of town, then that's not a problem either. There are stables at the equestrian centre you can use to stable your horse.

So let's run through those options once again. You can:

  • Go riding in Centennial Park
  • Learn to ride a horse in Centennial Park
  • Stable your horse in Centennial Park

And remember that the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre is a mere canter from the heart of Sydney. If you're a tourist and fancy a ride or any close-to-the-city resident who would enjoy learning to ride or someone in town who doesn't want to be separated from their horse, everything is fixed.

Age and experience is not important when it comes to lessons. You can be a child or a senior and the expert tuition will have you ambling, even trotting around and through one the most spacious and green parks in Australia. And the CBD is just over the hill.

New York and London have great parks with bridle paths but Centennial Park offers glorious sunshine all year round and hundreds of hectares in which to indulge your passion for horses and the great outdoors. Centennial Park may not get the fanfare the Bridge and Opera House attract but its location and facilities are superb. And speaking of facilities, the Equestrian Centre has not one but five riding schools with some of the world's best riding instructors. There's a veterinary service as well.

If you wish to introduce young children to riding, the ponies are a perfect starting point. The children can watch the animals being fed and groomed, pat them and of course have a supervised ride. This could be the start of a lifelong love for horses. And all of this is situated in Centennial Park in the heart of Sydney. If you're planning a picnic, you could add a visit to the historic buildings in the world class equestrian centre and go horse riding in town.


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