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The Powerhouse Discovery Centre

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The Powerhouse Discovery Centre is connected to, but is different to the Powerhouse Museum which is located on Harris Street in Ultimo. The Powerhouse Discovery Centre is located in Castle Hill, well away from the inner-city area, and is the storage area for the main museum.

The Powerhouse Museum has a restricted space, but features a diverse range of permanent and travelling exhibitions that cover a number of themes, including social history, design, technology, fashion and culture. The Powerhouse Museum looks at how we have grown up as Australians, as individuals and a nation. Over the time our technologies, trends and practises have changed, and the museum showcases this development, through the use of hands on and interactive exhibits.

The Powerhouse Discovery Centre stores over 50,000 items that are kept and preserved by the museum, but are not currently on display in the museum itself. If you visit the discovery centre you can gain a greater understanding of Australians, and the way we've lived and developed over the last century. Even items from the past two decades contribute to the intrigue of the Powerhouse displays, as many household items such as kitchen appliances and mobile phones have since been replaced with modern versions. The museum collection, reminds us of how much and how fast we have changed.

You can drive or take public transport to the Castle Hill area, and you should be able to find parking nearby. Castle Hill is a residential area, and there is a good commercial shopping district nearby that includes shops, cafes and other forms of entertainment. The museum storage area is only open in the second Saturday of every month.  


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