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The Sydney Opera House Marketis one of the most beautiful and relaxed outdoor shopping location in all of Australia. It is held on most Sundays between 9am and 5pm in the large pedestrian area in front of the Sydney Opera House, near the Opera Quays. Though this market is quite small, the product and service quality is high. You won't find junk and used goods, or vintage clothes or cheap trinkets. Every stall is well presented with the finest of arts and crafts. Many of these have an Australian theme, use Australian resources and are relevant to Sydney.

The Sydney Opera House Market
flickr image by Kyle Taylor

Many of the products also support issues such as sustainability, environmental care and cultural awareness. You will find handcrafted and painted wooden children's toys and no shortage of trinkets, games and puzzles for the older generations. Many of the products are in the higher price bracket, but they have been carefully created with extra detail and enthusiasm, and are usually well worth the price paid.

The Sydney Opera House Markets are a great way to relax on a Sunday and there are many other features in this area to keep you entertained. Address: Circular Quay East, Sydney, NSW, 2000.



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