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OpenAir Cinema

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The OpenAir Cinema is an outdoor movie theatre that encapsulates the beauty of Sydney’s Harbour and the Royal Botanic Gardens. The large outdoor screen itself, is set up on Fleet Steps at Mrs Macquaries Point, and creates a truly unique way to view a film.

A restaurant and bar is established in the same area, so you can drink wine and enjoy quality food, as a bonus part of the event. The 350 square metre screen, will then inspire you to relax and enjoy a movie, within one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
The OpenAir Cinema is perfect for couples or catching up with families and friends. It is hard not to resist the appeal of this style of cinema going, and the event will impress even those who are hard to please.

Getting there is easy. Parking might be a problem, but any access to the Botanic Gardens will get you close enough to stroll across the green lawns, enjoy the harbour views, and find yourself at a stunning, outdoor, theatre event.



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