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Old Government House

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Old Government House is located in the suburb of Parramatta in Sydney, and is the oldest public residence within Australia. This historic building is set within the 250 acre Parramatta Park that features green parklands, water views and many tall, shady trees.

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Old Government House was established in 1799, by the Governor at the time, John Hunter. This property then became the ‘country residence' for the first ten Governors of Australia. In 1815, Governor Macquarie and his wife Mrs Macquarie extended and redecorated the house. The couple preferred residing here because of the green pastures, fresh air, and the absence of a noisy and rough convict colony atmosphere of the city.

During the time they spent at Old Government House they made several dramatic renovations, according follow Palladian style architecture, and this is the state the house is restored to today. Mrs Macquarie not only influenced the structural extensions of the property, but also the interior decorations and furnishings.

She had very strong and particular tastes and these were expressed in her home environment. The later restoration of the house by the National Trust included extensive research to find the most authentic fabrics and furnishings that Mrs Macquarie's house would have featured. The National Trust has the largest collection of early colonial furniture in Australia, and this has been provided for the efforts of restoring and displaying Old Government House for the public.

Old Government House can be visited by the public and hired out for special events. Tours are available for enthusiasts who want to discover more about the fascinating history of this building, and gain insight into the early colonies of Australia. If you would like to explore the house, you must join one of the organised tours, which are conducted most days. Address: Governor Macquarie's Carriage Drive, Parramatta, NSW, 2150.


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