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Newington Armory

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The RAN Armament Depot Newington was a Royal Australian Navy depot located in the Sydney suburb of Newington. Now a historical tourist attraction and cultural hub, the Newington Armory covers 52 hectares and has over one hundred individual buildings.

Newington Amory

Part of the Newington Amory was used to form the official athletes' village during Olympic Games in year 2000. This was the location that athletes resided, slept, ate and trained, in preparation for their Olympic competition. The Newington Armory is also used as versatile venue to host cultural and arts events. Performing artists, visual artists and writers have access to the Newington Armory's range of professional resources. The Armory Gallery was one of Newington Armory's largest armament storehouses, and is now one of the largest gallery display spaces in Australia. This makes it perfect for unique artwork exhibitions or large-scale displays that don't fit into normal galleries.

The Armory Theatre and the Armory Amphitheatre offer performing arts spaces for indoor and outdoor concerts, demonstrations, seminars and theatre performances. Newington Armory brings contemporary Australian art and culture to life in a public arena that is rich with history, architecture, stories of the armed forces and old-fashioned lifestyles. The Newington Armory can be visited any day for a free and fun trip for the whole family. As it's used to hosting large crowds, the location is easily accessible by train and bus from key locations around Sydney city. Address: 7 Figtree Dr, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, 2127.


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