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The Museum of Sydney, is all about Sydney. If you want to know the history of Australia's largest city, from the time in 1788 when it was first colonised, to how it is today as a progressive and contemporary harbour-side location, you can learn all about it at the Museum of Sydney.

Located on the corner of Bridge & Phillip Streets, near Circular Quay in the central business district of Sydney, the building of the museum stands out with innovative and unique architecture. The museum was designed by the well-known architect, Richard Johnson from the firm Denton Corker Marshall, and the style is modern and bold. The building stands out clearly among the high-rise corporate office buildings.

Outside the museum in an area called First Government House Place, sculptures and structural artworks decorate the open space. The art structure called Edge of the Trees represents the first contact point between the British and the local indigenous people. Through the buildings, on street level, you can catch a glimpse of nearby Sydney Harbour and hear the noise of the ferries and other harbour vessels.

In 1788, the site of the museum was used for the country's first Government House, and also as the home and office of the Governor, Arthur Phillip. This is the perfect location for a museum about the development of Sydney, and it is easily accessed by train, bus or ferry. You can also walk to this convenient location from most areas of the inner-city, and you can easily include it is part of a day trip to other historic buildings and nearby parklands along Macquarie Street.

The Museum of Sydney is also very popular for school groups, and is well established with interactive displays, artefacts and visual presentations that educate and inspire. Visitors can learn about the development of different suburbs, key Sydney architecture, changes in government over the years, and the culture and lifestyle of the people who live in Sydney.

Located at Corner of Bridge and Philips Street. Entry is part of the Ticket Through Time combination which offers entry to eleven Sydney museums. Corner of Bridge and Philip Streets, (02 9251 5988).



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