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Mosman Bay Walk

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Mosman Bay has a fantastic eight kilometre walk to Taronga Zoo and Clifton Gardens that is a great challenge for the adventurous lovers of Australian history and nature. There are many options to how far you take this walk, and where you finish. Our route takes around three hours. This is our recommended route: take a ferry to South Mosman (Musgrave Street). Climb up the steps to Musgrave Street, and then continue up more steps along Herron Walk to Raglan Street.

Mosman Bay

The large stone house there is known as The Castle. Turn left along Raglan Street until you reach Illawarra Street on your right. Turn into this street and descend to Sirius Cove Beach. The architecture along the way is an interesting mixture.Now enter Sirius Cove Reserve and proceed along a bush track through an area which provided the inspiration for the artists of the Heidelberg School a century ago. You will reach Whiting Beach in due course and, soon after, Athol Wharf, where the ferry docks for Taronga Zoo.

If you wish to continue further, keep close to the shore and walk round Athol Bay to Bradley's Head. This is now a National Park, but it was formerly a gun emplacement for the protection of Sydney. In 1839, four American ships entered the harbour unexpectedly, prompting the realisation that the city was completely unprepared to deal with any emergency.Cannons were placed here in 1840, but the fortification was not completed until the build-up to the Crimean War in 1853, which Australia was involved in as a British colony. (Incidentally, as our walk began in Raglan Street, it is worth remembering that Lord Raglan was the commander of the British troops in the Crimean War, and it was he whose orders were misinterpreted to cause the Charge of the Light Brigade.)

Mosman Bay

There is a fine view from Bradley's Head. There is also a memorial to the four naval vessels which have borne the name H.M.A.S.Sydney and the mast from the first of these. This mast belonged to the light cruiser which, on 9th November 1914, engaged the German cruiser Emden near Cocos Island in the first naval engagement of the Great War (WWI) involving an Australian ship. Nearby is a stone column from the old Sydney Post Office which was used to measure a distance of precisely one nautical mile from the tower of Fort Denison.

From Bradley's Head, continue north on the eastern side the head, through Ashton Park to Taylors Bay, then on to Chowder Head and Clifton Gardens. Having reached Clifton Gardens, you can either go back to Taronga Zoo, taking a short cut across the top of Bradley's Head peninsula, or walk up Sarah's Walk to Morella Road, from where bus 228 runs back to Milson's Point at the north end of the Harbour Bridge.


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