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Moonlight Cinema

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The moonlight cinema is a fabulous opportunity to get outdoors, and enjoy the beautiful and lush surrounds of Centennial Park, while also catching a movie. These outdoor-style cinemas have popped up in various locations, around Sydney, over the past few years, and they represent the Australian needs to get outdoors and enjoy the warm night air, that the city frequently has to offer.

The Moonlight Cinema features the latest releases, but also broadcasts old cult classics that you wish you’d seen, but hadn’t seen in years. Sometimes you could hire the same movie on a DVD, but this will never be the same as getting outdoors, and watching it with friends on the big screen.

The Moonlight Cinema is located at Belvedere Amphitheatre, Centennial Park, which is on the corner of Loch Avenue & Broome Avenue, in the suburb of Paddington. Driving is easy, as there is usually plenty of parking, however you can also catch a public bus from the inner-city of Sydney, or from other areas of the eastern suburbs.



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