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Manly to North Head Walk

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On the north-east of Manly lies the Pacific Ocean. To the south-west is Sydney Harbour. The two are separated by only a five-minute walk along The Corso. To the south-east of Manly is North Head, the northern portal of the entrance to the harbour. From here there is an excellent view.


The walk to the head and back covers about ten kilometres and takes some three hours. Walk through The Corso and turn right beside the beach. At the end of the beach, continue along the shoreline to Fairy Bower and Shelly Beach and then turn right and right again, up into Bower Street, left into College Street, right into Reddall Street, left into Addison Road and left into Darley Road. It is possible to shorten this route, and you may choose to do so on the return, by proceeding straight along Darley Road, but the views on the climb up from the shoreline should not be missed if possible.


There is one fork along the way from here to North Head. You should choose the road on the right, which is named North Head Scenic Drive. On your left, you will pass a military reserve, while on your right is the Old Quarantine Station, a fascinating place to visit, but one which needs a prior reservation.


After a bend, the National Artillery Museum is on the left, and then you come to the end of the road and the Fairfax Walking Track. The track is circular and gives fine views of both harbour and ocean sides. It takes about half an hour to go round it. Then return by the same route, but continue along Darley Road straight back to Manly.


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