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Manly to The Spit Walk

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This walk, opened in 1988, extends for ten kilometres and takes about three hours. Start from the harbour side of Manly, at the wharf where the ferry arrives, and turn west (left as you leave the wharf). Then simply follow the shoreline past Oceanworld, Delwood Beach, Fairlight Beach, North Harbour Reserve and Wellings Reserve. Next you will come to Forty Baskets Beach.


You now move into an area of National Park as you pass Reef Beach and reach Dobroyd Head, famous for its wild flowers in spring. Via Crater Cove and Washaway Beach to Grotto Point, for a good view of the harbour, then a short backtrack and on to Castle Rock, Clontarf Point and Clontarf Beach. This beach has some history associated with it, for it was here on 12th March 1868 that the Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria, was shot during a picnic by a would-be assassin, the Irishman James O’Farrell.


The Duke escaped with a slight wound, but O’Farrell did not. He was executed. On to Sandy Bay and Fisher Bay before The Spit is reached. The bridge here carries the main highway between Sydney and Manly, but traffic flow is interrupted periodically as the bridge has to be raised to allow boats to pass into the Middle Harbour, Sydney having got its priorities correct in this instance at least. There are good views from this point too.


From here, buses 143, 144, 169, E69 and E71 run back to Manly (the 169 and E69 by a very lengthy and indirect route), while a variety of routes runs into the city.

Click here for Manly Map.


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