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Macquarie Lighthouse

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Macquarie Lighthouse is the longest serving lighthouse in Australia, and is still operational today. This historic building was erected by the First Fleet shortly after they first landed.

Macquarie Lighthouse

They quickly realised the need for a marker to protect future vessels from attempting to navigate the harbour's heads on a stormy night and colliding into the rugged Sydney coastline. Macquarie Lighthouse is located on Dunbar Head, approximately two kilometres south of Sydney's South Head which forms the entrance to Sydney Harbour. In the early days, Macquarie Lighthouse required the presence of lighthouse keepers to maintain and manage its operations.

Various forms of fuel were used to keep the light shining, including gas and kerosene. Two cottages which were erected in the 1800s to house the lighthouse staff are still at this location today, though the last staff member left the site in 1989. The lighthouse is now fully automated.

This area of the city can be easily reached by bus and has captivating views both day and night. Its surrounding coastline walks and parklands are beautiful and peaceful, perfect for picnics or romantic strolls on warm evenings. On a stormy night, visitors can witness the lighthouse's important function in maritime safety. Address: Dunbar Head, Vaucluse, NSW, 2030.



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