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La Perouse Museum

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La Perouse Museum is located on Botany Bay's North Head, and is part of the Botany Bay National Park. This is a very historic area of Sydney, less built up than Sydney Harbour.

La Perouse Museum

Botany Bay is used for more industrial purposes, but also features some remote and untouched areas of beach and bushland. From La Perouse Museum you can look across the bay and see the landing place of Captain Cook when he arrived at Kurnell in 1788. The Museum is part of the building that used to be the historic Cable Station between the years of 1881 and 1882.

During this time the building was used as accommodation for Cable Station staff. At other times it was used as accommodation for nurses, soldiers and also women and children who required refuge. In 1988, the year of Sydney's bicentenary, the building was transformed into the La Perouse Museum.

The museum features a range of travelling exhibitions and also has permanent artefacts and historical information. Its major areas of interest include the landing of the First Fleet, the Aboriginal history of the area, information on the La Perouse expedition and French maritime navigation of the 18th century, and how the building functioned as the Cable Station. There is a wealth of unique history to this area to be discovered. Address: Anzac Parade, La Perouse, NSW, 2036.


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