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Imperial Arcade

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The Imperial Arcade is one of the many adjoining shopping centres that extend off the popular Pitt Street Mall in Sydney's central business district. Inside you will find a mix of mainstream retail outlets selling everything from craft materials, to affordable female fashions.

The Imperial Arcade is one of the places you wander into, either on your lunch break if you are working in the city area, or during a specified shopping trip into the central business district. During the week, it is crowded with office workers, and on the weekends you are likely to find younger retailers or families who have ventured in for the day.

In Pitt Street Mall itself, you'll find buskers, street performers and a variety of commercial promotions taking advantage of the busy public space. The mall offers chances to sit and relax in the sun, or browse through the nearby retail outlets. The surrounding shops are constructed similar to a rabbit warren, and it is easy to find yourself getting lost in the myriad of arcades and shopping centres, including the Imperial Arcade.

Major department stores, selling everything from kitchenware to high-end Australian fashions also face onto the mall. You can find crowded food courts, giftware shops and services like hairdressers and beauty salons. Unlike other areas of Sydney city, this shopping district is more focused on mainstream trends, and provides affordable and realistic products, aimed at the average Australian.

To access the Imperial Arcade off Pitt Street Mall, you can catch one of the many buses that run along George or Elizabeth Streets. The monorail passes nearby and the closest train stations include Museum, Town Hall and Wynyard. Hyde Park also offers a nearby chance to stroll through gardens, or picnic on the grass, if you need to take a break from the inner-city retail rush. The Imperial Arcade is in the centre of the busiest part of Sydney, and if you venture into the city, it is hard to avoid travelling nearby.


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