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IMAX is located in the waterfront Darling Harbour district in Sydney’s central business district. This is not an ordinary cinema complex, and decades ago, it was on the forefront of 3D films, and continues to broadcast these, along with select 2D films.

The screen itself is much larger than your standard films, and the quality of the visuals, and also the sound cannot be compared elsewhere. If you like to live life large, without compromising on quality, or just want a new and exciting entertainment experience, you should certainly add IMAX onto your list.

Some films, just work well in 3D, and IMAX specialising in selecting and showing these films. If you love impact and big effects, it would be worth visiting this cinema complex for some of the more dynamic and action focused new releases. Nothing compares to the height and quality of the IMAX screen, and you’ll even be impressed before you walk inside the building. The very tall and intriguing shape of the IMAX building, stands out as a landmark and a Sydney attraction, in the centre of Darling Harbour.

While you are in Darling Harbour, you’ll find plenty more to do. There are tourist focused shopping complexes, and several museums nearby, including the Powerhouse Museum, if you haven’t got enough of technology, after seeing your IMAX film. The area is also great for kids, and many of the releases on IMAX are child and family orientated. There are also parks and playgrounds in the area, and plenty of child-friendly places to eat.



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