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Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centre

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Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centre is located in Paddington, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is the oldest art gallery in the city for Aboriginal fine arts, and is one of the oldest within the country of Australia. If you are interested in learning about the culture, history and art forms of Australia's first inhabitants, this gallery is an essential visit.

Both local Australians and international visitors will gain further insight to indigenous culture, customs and lifestyle, through the exhibitions displayed in Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centre. Each of the works displayed help tell a story about who indigenous Australians are, where they come from, and how they exist in Australia today. In addition to this knowledge and education about Australian Aboriginal culture, you will also benefit from viewing the works of experienced and well-respected fine artists.

Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centre was established in the early 1970's, before these local artists gained recognition. Today, Australian Aboriginal art is well-recognised, in Australia and throughout the world. Many international galleries have made purchases of local art through Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centre, and private purchasing of these artworks provides a valuable and authentic Australian souvenir.

Before this widespread interest existed, Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centre continued to support Aboriginal artists, and display their work publicly. Because of this, the Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centre has contributed immensely to the growth of Aboriginal art, including works that come from small remote communities in Australia.

Many artists live a traditional life, far away from towns or major cities. This greatly reduces the chance of them networking and selling their art, and the Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centre has played an important role, in connecting them as artists to a wider community.


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