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Harris Street Motor Museum

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The Harris Street Motor Museum is located near Darling Harbour, China Town and Central Station in Sydney's inner-city suburb of Ultimo. You can walk from any of these locations, or catch a bus along George Street, however don't expect to find a car space unless you'd like to pay city car space prices.

The Harris Street Motor Museum features a display of over 160 classic motor cars, bikes and commercial vehicles. Whether you know all about their engines and technology, are fascinated by the history of cars, or simply enjoy a good drive, this museum has enough to keep you entertained.

You can learn about the engines, the manufacturers, and each car's place in the motoring history of Australia. You will see gleaming bonnet, immaculate interiors, and classic designs that are hard to find elsewhere. Unlike travelling car shows, the Harris Street Motor Museum is well established, and is fixed to this one location. The staff are knowledgeable on the displays and can help you with any related projects you may have.

While you are in the area, you may also be interested in other museums including the Powerhouse Museum, which is only a few blocks away on the same street. This museum features travelling exhibitions, locomotion history, and a focus on technology, design and culture.

If you are interested in maritime history, naval history and vessels, take a walk down to Darling Harbour where you can visit other museums, and explore ships that are kept there as tourist attractions. Other travelling exhibitions and special events are also held frequently in this area, so check out your local guides for current information.


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