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Sydney Harbour Bridge

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge took nine years to build and was opened in 1932. It is 502 metres long, 48.8 metres wide and weighs 52,800 tonnes. The top is 134 metres above sea level. It carries both road and rail traffic and there is a footway for pedestrians. Painting the bridge is a task never really completed. It takes the painters seven years to paint the whole bridge, and by the time they've finished it is time to start again. Most famous of the former painters is Paul Hogan, who became a popular Australian TV and movie comedian, most known for portraying Crocodile Dundee.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

To walk across the Sydney harbour bridge is free. To go across on a train will also be easy, if you have bought one of the special tickets available. You can also get an excellent view of the bridge from any of the ferries operating from Circular Quay, which is located at the Bridge's southern foot. There is also a museum in one of the pylons which has its own lookout. A great plan of action is to take a train to Milson's Point on the far side of the harbour and then walk back, getting a view of the city and Opera House from the bridge. Near the end of the trip you'll find the museum, which is beside the walkway in the pylon nearest to the city. The Pylon Lookout has three levels of exhibits that explain the history and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as artefact displays and an audio-visual show. You can then climb 200 steps to the pylon top, from where you get an even better view.

One of Sydney's best attractions is Bridge Climb, which is a three-hour climb right up to the bridge's top. From the ferry beneath you can often make out the ant like figures of the climbers approaching the summit. The operator of these climbs had to spend many years convincing the authorities to allow him to start these tours. He managed to convince them that the tours would be safe and would appeal. He was right. The charge of the Bridge Climb varies according to the time of day and day of the week.

To reach Bridge Climb, or to walk across the bridge from the city side, you need to go up the Argyle Street steps to Cumberland Street. The Pylon Lookout is accessible via the Bridge Stairs off Cumberland Street. Address: Sydney, NSW, 2000.



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