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Goat Island

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Goat Island is one of the islands that are located within in Sydney Harbour, and it is west of the Harbour Bridge, situated between McMahons Point and the suburb of Balmain.

Goat Island Sydney

Like many of the other islands on the city's harbour, Goat Island has served many purposes over the history of Sydney. Goat Harbour has been used for convict purposes, as a storage area for explosives, as a facility for the water police, and also as a quarry. Over time, Goat Island has served various maritime purposes, due to its location, and the unique features of the rock island have made it a popular setting for films.

Many historical relics can be found on the island, many of which tell stories of the convict days. These include a stone chair, which was carved by a convict called Charles Anderson who was sentenced to be chained to the rock for several years.

Goat Island Sydney

You can also visit the Queen's Gunpowder Magazine and other items of historic and cultural interest. Goat Island quietly adds its own voice to a city harbour that is filled with character, charisma and centuries worth of engaging and historic stories.


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