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Footbridge Theatre

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The Footbridge Theatre is located right near Sydney University on Parramatta Road, Glebe. It is named the Footbridge Theatre, because it is nestled right into the base of the footbridge that takes pedestrians across the busy main road. This bridge is also an excellent landmark, if you are making your way to the theatre itself.

The Footbridge Theatre was established in the 1950’s and it has a history of producing quality performances from a variety of genres. You can expect to view everything from low-key drama performances, student presentations, cabaret shows, and even Shakespearean classics. The venue seats up to 700 patrons.

Visiting The Footbridge Theatre is easy, as any transport to Sydney University or Glebe will take you there, which is public bus, taxi and private car. Any bus that runs to and from the city along Parramatta Road, should stop near The Footbridge Theatre.



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