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Event Cinemas Bondi

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Event Cinemas Bondi are an exciting and convenient location, for catching up with family or friends. They are easily accessible from the city area, or other locations within Sydney’s eastern suburbs. They are located at Level 7 & 8 Westfield Shopping Town, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction. As they are located at Bondi Junction, not Bondi itself, this means that you’ll be able to get in and out easily, and you’ll have lots around you to keep you entertained, before and after the film.

Bondi Junction is not on the beach, however you can easily catch a bus from there, to the famous and impressive ocean location. Bondi Junction is more of a retail district, that includes the Westfield Shopping Town, an outdoor shopping mall, and many other shops that are located on street level. The theme of the shops is edgy and many are influenced by Asian style and culture. This is a great hang out for young people, as the shops feature the latest in fashion and technology and are open for extended hours.

Bondi Junction is a major bus and rail interchange, and the transport is located underneath the Cinema building itself. While it is a busy interchange, you’ll easily be able to find out which bus or train to catch, using the signs and computer screens that are available. If you are looking to catch a film in the eastern suburbs, or are just wanting a break from the inner-city area, Event Cinemas Bondi is a great choice.

You will have a selection of 11 screens, modern interiors, a yummy candy bar, and the latest choice in popular and high-quality films. If you are after food and drink, you’ll have a wide selection of places to visit before or after your film, and you can choose from a range of cultural cuisines and price offerings.

Level 7 & 8 Westfield Shopping Town


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