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Dendy Newtown

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The Dendy Cinema, in Newtown, is part of a chain of Dendy cinemas and show eclectic and art-house movies that aren’t usually included in the mainstream showings of other cinemas. In Newtown, The Dendy Cinema is possibly the focal point of the suburb. The most popular shops, cafes and the train station are located in this area, and you can easily find enjoyment browsing through nearby book and record stores

The Dendy Cinema, helps make Newtown the perfect day trip, or even a source of entertainment, because even on a Monday or Sunday night, Newtown is still vibrant and bustling. The cinema and the suburb will often provide you with entertainment in Sydney, when there is very little else on offer.

The Dendy Cinema is located at 261-263 King Street, Newtown, and you can either catch a train or a bus from the city area. Parking is possible, but definitely a hassle, so don’t expect to find one easily, unless you want to be late for your movie! Also, ensure that you make time for a coffee or a meal while you are there, to fully soak up everything that the suburb of Newtown has to offer.



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