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Bike riding in Sydney is an economical and environmentally friendly way to navigate the city. You’ll also get to see some parts of the city you never would using other methods of transport. An easy way to do it is on a Sydney cycle tour.

Sydney Cycling
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The Sydney Classic Tour
A very popular cycle tour. There is no other experience in town that shows you as much or entertains you like the Sydney Classic! We will take you to all of the iconic sights, and tons of other sights you may miss on your own.

Pub and cycle tour
The best of both worlds! Cycle around Sydney taking in all the major icons such as the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Darling Harbour. Then explore Sydney's historic area, The Rocks, on an informative yet fun pub tour. A combination package of a pub tour in The Rocks and the Sydney Highlights Tour is a great way to see the heart and spirit of Sydney.

Sydney Highlights Tour 
Have you got a couple of hours to kill in the city or just short on time? The easy and relaxing tours look at Sydney from historical, cultural, and social perspectives while mixing in many laughs along the way. The Sydney Highlights Tour is perfect for families and visitors short on time.  


Sydney cycle routes

Some of the best Sydney bike routes will show you fabulous harbour views, give you a glimpse of the opera house, the Botanical Gardens and Hyde Park.

There are plenty of parks if you decide to take a picnic, if not there are cafes close to bike paths. More experienced cyclists who are looking for a challenge may wish to join a tour over Sydney Harbour Bridge. There are over 200km of cycle ways in Sydney, these consist of bike paths and roads with bike lanes where it is recommended you cycle.

You must by law wear a helmet at all times when cycling in Sydney. Do not ride on the footpaths unless there is signage indicating that you are able to do so. Please be wary of traffic and give way to pedestrians.It is illegal for adults to ride bicycles on footpaths unless they are especially marked for cyclist or shared cyclist/pedestrian use: only children under 12 may ride on unmarked footpaths, adults must ride only on marked bicycle tracks or on the road with cars.

Parramatta to Kurnell
From Paramatta to Kurnell is the longest cycle way and 65km long.

Parramatta to Liverpool Rail Trail
Just under 17km long is this fairly flat cycle way.

Westlink M7 Cycle way and Walking Path
This cycle way runs alongside the M7 but is separate and about 40km long.

Bicycle helmets are required by law, as are lights and reflectors at night. If you enjoy biking there are several bike tours available around Sydney check Sydney cycling tours for more information.


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