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Chatswood Chase Shopping Mall

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Chatswood Chase Shopping Mall provides another dimension to the eclectic Chatswood retail district. Located on the North Shore of Sydney, Chatswood is a very central destination with excellent public transport connections and parking. The demographic is a mix of affluent professionals, a strong Asian population and many international students.

The retail district of Chatswood includes a nearby Westfield, a pedestrian mall and a long main street filled with popular clothing stores, Asian style groceries and Asian eateries. All stores are incredibly stylish and well-maintained, and the area holds a completely different feel to the inner-city Chinatown. Chatswood does have a strong Chinese culture, but in this area there is more to be seen of Japanese and Korean cultures, with cuisines and fashion styles to match.

Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre is a short walk through the retail district, located at the end of the main street, just before it becomes a residential area. This exclusive and elegant shopping centre will take you away from the street crowd, and provide you with access to some of the best stores that Sydney has to offer. Unlike many other key shopping centres in the city, Chatswood Chase is not filled with the chain stores.

Chatswood Chase Shopping Mall

Chatswood Chase is about well-known high-end brands, and this is the location to find some of Australia's most prestigious designers trading within their own outlet. The shopping environment is luxurious and a perfect way to escape the Australian heat. The public areas are immaculate, surrounded by boutique grocery stores selling deli meats, European foods and fresh fruit and vegetables. If you are searching for a quality coffee or an elegant yet convenient meal, Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre may have just what you are looking for. Address: 345 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood Chase, NSW, 2067.


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