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Centennial Park

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Centennial Park is popular park, in a group of three parks called Centennial Parklands. Visitors can enjoy the ancient trees and lush green spaces from many entrances from the inner-eastern suburbs of Randwick, Paddington and East Redfern. You can walk to the park from the CBD, but a short bus ride along Oxford Street is easiest.

Centennial Park Sydney

Centennial Park was established in 1888 to celebrate one hundred years of English settlement. Centennial Park is immensely different to its sibling park, Bicentennial Park, which commemorates 200 years of Sydney settlement. The parks are located in geographically contrasting areas of the city, and the older Centennial Park is much greener and shadier than its sibling. Its well-aged trees grow with Victorian-style elegance, and walking through Centennial Park is like being transported to the 1800s.

Centennial Park is favourite spot for Sydney locals, as it offers a great loop road for walking, driving and cycling. There is a large playground for very young children - with a surprisingly pristine public sandpit - as well as a larger playground for older children. Families can also enjoy the park's numerous ponds and the duck chasing opportunities they present to enthusiastic toddlers. Older family members may prefer the Model Yacht Pond or the Fly Casting Pond. Address: Between Oxford Street, York, Darley, Alison & Lang Roads, in Randwick, Sydney,NSW, 2021.


Centennial Park Sydney


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