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When I take my family to visit friends who live in New South Wales, Australia, we'll be going on a day trip to the Blue Mountains near Sydney.   Can you believe my friend has lived in Sydney her entire life, and never been to the Blue Mountains?   They're so close to Sydney!  I can’t wait to see them.


The Blue Mountains get their name from the blue haze that hovers above the acres of eucalyptus trees cloaking the sides of the hills.   The dense forest seems to sweep without a break from horizon to horizon.  Under the shelter of the trees, dozens of unusual animal species make their homes, such as the wombat, the kangaroo, and of course the birds.


The Three Sisters rock formations in the Blue Mountains tower 3000 feet above sea level and seem to hang out into the mists.   Aboriginal legends say that a witch doctor turned three sisters into stone to protect them from overly amorous suitors.   The witch doctor was killed in a battle, and so couldn't reverse the spell, which is why these three magnificent rock formations are standing together to this day.


It would be so fun to hop a bi-plane and fly over the Blue Mountains.   That would give my family a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the natural beauty of Australia from above.   Zooming out over the treetops and sweeping past the peaks and valleys, a bi-plane tour would be fantastic.   The bi-planes take off from Sydney, so it's easy to take this unique tour of the Blue Mountains. 


The Jenolan Caves are a sure sight to see in the Blue Mountains area.   These limestone caves wind up and down for forty kilometers (twenty-five American miles).   The maze of passageways leads through caverns decorated with sparkling mineral deposits, and over and across subterranean rivers meandering through the heart of the mountainside. 


While we're visiting the Blue Mountains, we plan to spend some time browsing through the sweet assortment of small villages dotting the forested landscape.   Each one offers a unique array of antique shops, small restaurants, and off-the-beaten-path entertainment.   There's a craft market in almost every one, and a few of these quaint villages have theaters where we can take in a charming show.

Penned by V.Mellema


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