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Balmain Market

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Balmain markets are held every Saturday in the grounds of St Andrews Congregational Church. Despite being only a short bus trip away from Sydney's CBD, the Balmain markets offer a chance to escape the corporate environment and stifling indoor shopping centres.

Balmain markets

At Balmain markets you can browse through a refreshing range of handcrafted items, local and unique souvenirs, vintage clothing and other art and craft items. You can even get a massage, to make your weekend trip to Balmain even more relaxing, or delve into your future with an authentic fortune telling.

If you love retail shopping in Sydney, but have been dulled by the major shopping centres and retail districts, take a look at the markets, to find unique and personal gifts, or fun and meaningful mementoes of your Sydney travels. Within the Balmain area itself, you'll find a charming suburb that is close to Sydney Harbour, holds a wealth of old architecture, and offers a range of cafes, restaurants, bookshops and other small and intimate retail outlets.

A stroll through the local streets and their elegant terrace houses will probably make you forget that you are wandering through the largest city in Australia. Address: St Andrews Congregational Church, Corner of Darling Street and Curtis Road,Balmain, NSW, 2041.

Balmain markets


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