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If you’re looking for a hostel in Sydney, no doubt one of the best locations to look in is Central Sydney because the train station is located nearby, this makes it easy to get around to various locations and see sights and patron night clubs.

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Sydney is also well known for its beaches and if you are backpacking here you may want to book in at a hostel at Bondi Beach which is one of the most famous beaches in Australia. Backpackers will find that not only is this the place to be if you want to swim, surf or sun bake but its also home to a happening social scene and there are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes located beachside when you are ready to take the party off the beach.

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Some of the best three hostels in Sydney worth checking out are the Wake up Sydney Hostel, no doubt one of the biggest and best hostels in Sydney, very close to the Sydney Central train station and in one of the safest and lively parts of the city, packed with backpackers.

Another excellent hostel, located in the same area as Wake up Sydney and also very near to the train station is the YHA Sydney Central Hostel, which is another large facility, boasting a large number of amenities. Perhaps the closest hostel to the central train station is the YHA Railway Square.

All of these hostels are excellent choices and feature a large variety of services, a television room, a coffee shop outlet as well as Wi-Fi internet access. The YHA Sydney Australia even has a swimming pool and a deck on the roof, a dining room, a smoking area, and a clean kitchen.

The term hostel is used to describe a form of temporary housing in which occupants share residence for an unspecified amount of time. The best hostels will be conveniently located in large tourist destinations, surrounded by night clubs, bars and restaurants that cater specifically towards hikers and backpackers.

Sydney has a large selection of hostels to choose from, accommodating travellers of all sorts, backpackers, hikers, nature lovers etc. If you’re a backpacker on a budget looking for the cheapest accommodation, a hostel is what you’re looking for.

Hostels have become tourist attractions onto themselves over the last decade or so, known to be a heavy party destination for youth. Increased interest in them has provoked numerous improvements to the basic dormitory style concept.

Hostels are essentially hotels without the privacy, although now they are loaded with amenities and services that often surpass hotels. Hostels often serve as a meeting point between backpackers and are a great way to meet new people who have similar interests to yourself.

A hostel is much more like a house, the tenants are a lot like temporary family members although on equal levels to yourself. Hostels are fairly standardized now, although each hostel has its own personality, and its own preferred demographic.

Also be sure to pre book your hostel dates before making your trip, the premier hostels such as the one mentioned in this article, tend to fill up quickly during peak times, such as holidays.


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