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Australian Reptile Park

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Australian reptile park

The Australian reptile park is home to a wide array of Australian reptiles along with some cute and cuddly mammals too. Here you'll discover koalas, wombats, kangaroos and even a platypus along with the biggest collection of reptiles in Australia. Get up close and personal with snakes, spiders, lizards and crocodiles.

The Australian reptile park takes an active role in research projects and the anti-venom for funnel web spiders and some Australian snakes is collected here. There are also some educational exhibits which explore the history of reptiles.

There is a gift shop, café, gas BBQ and picnic facilities on site. Don't miss the chance to have your photo taken with a python or a koala while you are here. Address: Pacific Highway, Somersby, NSW, 2250.

Australian reptile park


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